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Second Sale of Estate of Zenon Bainas Online Auction Auction
Online Antique Shop
Karla's Auction House
Friday  January  10th  2020
Starting: 9:00AM

Old Radio Collection, Typewriters, Gramophone's, Piggy Bank Collection plus large assortment of glassware see ukrainetzauction.hibid.com or under "Online Auction" tab for full auction details & pictures.

York Auto Final Parts Liquidation ONLINE AUCTION Auction
ONLINE Inventory Reduction
Karla's Auction House
Saturday  January  18th  2020
Starting: 9:00AM

Here's a chance to buy new inventory! Bid Online see ukrainetzauction.hibid.com or under "Online Auction" tab for full auction photos & details

Walter Eftoda Online Estate Auction Auction
121 Railway Ave. Springside Sk
Saturday  January  25th  2020
Starting: 9am

full auction is posted @ ukrainetzauction.hibid.com

Online Ammunition Auction Auction
  January    2020

coming in the new year...

Tool Consignment Auction Auction
121 Railway Ave. Springside SK
  January    2020
Starting: 9am

Consignment Tool Auction - if you have tools to Consign, please contact Doug @ 306-641-6022 or Karla @ 306-621-8051 for more information Date to be determined.


Annual February Yorkton Farm Toy Auction( In Conjunction with the 35th Annual Farm Toy Show) Auction
121 Railway Ave. Springside SK
Friday  February  07th  2020
Starting: 6:00pm

Live/Webcast Auction to be held at Karla's Auction House 121 Railway Ave Springside, SK see ukrainetzauction.hibid.com or under ONLINE AUCTION tab for full auction details

Town of Canora Golf Course Lots on Online Auction Auction
Real Estate
Canora, SK
Monday  February  24th  2020
Starting: 9:00 AM

To view or for more information contact Brandi 306-563-5773 Town of Canora has right to refusal. 10% Buyers fee up to maximum of $500.00

One Owner Online Antique Collector San Clara Manitoba Auction
Antiques, Collectibles
Karla's Auction House
TBA  February  TBA  2020
Starting: 9:00AM

Stay Tuned Pictures and listing coming soon!!


Farm Toy Auction featuring the Earl Kingdon Collection & Guest Consignors Auction
Toys, Collectibles
Springside SK
Saturday  March  28th  2020
Starting: 10 am

These pictures are just a showing of some of the farm toys, etc that will be a part of the Auction that will be taking place in March 2020. Keep checking back for more photos and details of other items as they are added to the auction!!!!


Buchanan Spring 2020 Consignment Auction Auction
Consignment Auction
Buchanan SK (Vasolovitz Hall grounds)
Friday  April  17th  2020
Starting: 10am

Check back often for additional items and information.

E.T. Sagan and Allan Schick and Guest Consignors Auction Auction
Farm Auction
Melville SK
Saturday  April  18th  2020
Starting: 10am

Spring 2020 Farm Sale and guest consignors. Online 1pm.

Consignment Auction-Wynyard Auction
Consignment Auction
Wynyard SK
Sunday  April  19th  2020
Starting: 10am

Consignment Auction to take place in Wynyard SK Sunday April 19th 2020, call Doug for details.

Kaban Farms Ltd Auction
Farm Auction
Foam Lake SK
Saturday  April  25th  2020
Starting: 10am

Spring 2020 auction


Currently no Ukrainetz Auctions this month.


Darrel & Judy Skjerven Auction Auction
Farm Auction
Wynyard, SK
Sunday  June  07th  2020
Starting: 10am

June 7th 2020 Farm Sale. Consignments welcome.

Kelly Butz and Debbie Hupka-Butz Farming/Livestock Equipment Dispersal Auction Auction
Burgis Beach
Sunday  June  14th  2020
Starting: 10:00AM

Lionel Swan Auction Auction
Farm Auction
Preeceville SK
Saturday  June  20th  2020
Starting: 10am

June 2020 farm auction

Lischynski Enterprises Ltd. Auction Auction
Farm Auction
Gorlitz SK
Saturday  June  27th  2020
Starting: 10am

June 27 2020 Farm Auction, Online 1pm

Estate of Lawrence & Patricia Twardzik Auction Auction
Farm Auction
Esterhazy SK
Sunday  June  28th  2020
Starting: 10am

June 2020 farm auction, watch for details.

Coming in Summer 2020. details to follow


Allan Maystrowich Auction Auction
Farm Auction
Jedburgh SK
Sunday  July  12th  2020
Starting: 11am

2020 farm auction, online 1pm

Conrad Fullawka Auction Auction
Farm Auction
Canora SK (Tiny, Sk Area)
Friday  July  24th  2020
Starting: 10am

Machinery used on small amount of acres and Conrad always had his equipment serviced by the machinery company. Well looked after machinery.


Dorothy Stupak & Estate of John Stupak Auction Auction
Real Estate & Farm Auction
Ituna SK
Sunday  August  09th  2020
Starting: 10am

2020 farm land and machinery auction, watch for details.

Halirewich Farm Ltd and Estate of L. Halirewich Auction Auction
Farm Auction
Roblin MB
Saturday  August  15th  2020
Starting: 9am (MB time)

August 15, 2020 farm sale in the Roblin MB area. 2 rings will be selling. Better pictures to follow in the spring.


COOP Store Inventory Reduction, 3 Partial Household Estates Online Auction
Springside Skating Rink
Thursday  September  05th  2019
Starting: 9am

see full details and registration under "ONLINE AUCTIONS" Tab

Estate of Ken Schick and Guest Consignor Moving Online Sale Auction
Thursday  September  12th  2019
Starting: 9AM

More details & photos to follow under "ONLINE AUCTION" tab


Currently no Ukrainetz Auctions this month.


Currently no Ukrainetz Auctions this month.


Currently no Ukrainetz Auctions this month.

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