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We are excited about the future in the auction industry and are proud to have a mixture of men and women to conduct buisness. We will be expanding and adding new services for our customers, including fully computerized, Debit, Visa, Mastercard, as well as live internet bidding with sale audio and video! We offer complete management and services from the beginning to the end of the sale. Specializing in farm, business, real estate, antique, household and consignment sales.

Currently we have 3 qualified auctioneers Doug Ukrainetz, Karla Gervais, and Perry Newman. Office duties done by their reliable people Kristie Evanovich, Christine Dyky, Marlene Ukrainetz, Barry Barsi. Support staff John Liske, Barry Kozak, Vern Aichele, Ethan Evanovich and Tom Haydin.

Ukrainetz Auctions is family owned and operated since 1974. We are bonded and are Saskatchewan Auctioneer's Association members. "People are #1" We are excited about our list of sales and want to thank all for choosing Ukrainetz Auctions, and believing in "local support", because we do. See you at the sales! -Doug

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Ukrainetz Auctions
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Donald Hnatyshyn Auction
Farm Auction
Canora SK
Monday  August  03  2015
Starting: 10:00 AM

NOTE: Donald is retiring. Machinery is above average condition used on small acres, shedded, and very well looked after. Many hours left on this machinery. Online Bidding 1:00 PM

Stuart and Barb Greenstein Auction
Wednesday  August  05  2015
Starting: 5:00 PM

NOTE: Stuart and Barb sold the acreage and are selling all remaining acreage and furniture items.

Estate of Bill Yarosky Auction
Farm Auction
Wroxton SK
Saturday  August  08  2015
Starting: 11:00 AM

NOTE: Walter and Sylvia are selling land, machinery, and contents to settle the Estate. Refer to the website for "Terms and Conditions"

Glen and Dianne Gradin Auction
Antique Tractors and Farm Auction
Kelvington SK
Sunday  August  09  2015
Starting: 9:30 AM

NOTE: Glen due to health is selling his lifelong collection of antique tractors and items. No doubt JD was his passion. This collection is amazing, one of a kind, and would definitely add to anybody’s collection. If buying or not, come and look at this collection! Online Bidding 1:00 PM

Gabe and Doreen Horvath Auction
Saturday  August  15  2015
Starting: 10:00

NOTE: Gabe and Doreen sold the farm and are moving. Equipment is very clean and above average condition. Not many small items. Online bidding 1:00 PM.

Emil and Marilyn Syrota Auction
Farm Auction
Sunday  August  16  2015
Starting: 10:00 AM

NOTE: Emil is retiring. Machinery used on small acreage and in good condition for the age. Not many small items. Online bidding 1:00 PM

Daniel Sliva Auction
Rama SK
Friday  August  21  2015
Starting: 10:00 AM

NOTE: Danny rented his land and is selling his equipment. Major equipment is shedded and looks good. Online bidding 1:00 PM

Estate of Wilfred Elaschuk Auction
Construction Auction
Sheho SK
Saturday  August  22  2015
Starting: 11:00 AM

NOTE: Wilf was in excavating all his life. His equipment for the age is very well maintained and looked after. He was very fussy with fixing and servicing.Online bidding 1:00 PM. Contact: Lorne 306-641-6769

GA Gino Construction Auction
Construction Auction
Yorkton SK
Sunday  August  23  2015
Starting: 9:30 AM

NOTE: Gino has been one of the most prominent contractors in Yorkton building over 300 houses, apartments, malls, ect. Machinery is older but definitely still usable. This is a partial listing with hundreds of more items. Gino was an excellent auction customer. Online Bidding 1:00 PM

Retirement Triangle Construction Ltd Auction
Gordon and Lenore Ostlund
Melville SK
Wednesday  August   26  2015
Starting: 2:00 PM

After 53 years in the construction business Gordon and Lenore are retiring. Triangle Construction is well known as Gordon visited almost every small town in Saskatchewan. There are a lot of brand name tools in great condition. Anyone is this business would appreciate these kind of tools. Come on down and take a look!!! See you at the sale!!! Sale conducted by Karla's Auction

Storage Container Auction
Plumbing and Carpentry
Thursday  August  27  2015
Starting: 5:00 PM

NOTE: Items sold in lieu of unpaid rent. Most materials are new and tools are good quality. All legal paperwork intact.

Del Killick Auction
Farm Auction
Melville SK
Saturday  August   29  2015
Starting: 11:00 AM

NOTE: Del is retiring and is selling all equipment. Not many small items.Online Bidding 1:00 PM

Ken Roang Auction
Farm Auction
Hudson Bay SK
Sunday  August  30  2015
Starting: 11:00 AM

NOTE: Ken rented his land. Major equipment shedded. Not many small items. Online bidding 1:00 PM

Target Homebuilders Auction
Sheho, SK
Saturday  September  19  2015
Starting: 9:30 AM

Note: Golden opportunity to buy a house at your own price, finish it, or get it finished by Target Builders.

Peter Chuchak Auction
Springside, SK
Sunday  September  20th  2015
Starting: 12:30 PM

NOTE: Peter sold the house. This is a real clean sale. Something for everyone.

We are currently booking for 2015 auctions! Check back often for future auctions, and take a look at our auction page for all our current auction details!


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Ukrainetz Auctions is bonded and are Saskatchewan Auctioneer's Association members.